Why is Mollyann “exploring it all” and why should we care? | Blog Introduction

Why is Mollyann “exploring it all” and why should we care? | Blog Introduction

That’s what you are all thinking, right?

Truth be told, this website and blog are WAY overdue.

Why “exploring it all’? I am an overthinker, love to analyze and strategize (confirmed by Strengths Finder 2.0!), and a recovering perfectionist. In other words – I like to explore it all before making a decision or a plan, but that does not stop me from finally making a decision and planning something awesome. Since I am hardwired to doing all of this homework, let me explore it all and bring the final results to you to save you from having to do the same.

I never struggled with the fact that I wanted to write a blog, I just struggled with what the blog should be about. Why would someone read it? What would set my blog apart from others?

In the midst of this struggle, I started reading Marie Forleo‘s book, Everything is Figureoutable. Along with the title of the book, I picked up a few new mantras to live by:

Progress, Not Perfection

Start Before You Are Ready

I also learned that it was ok to be multi passionate and to write about several topics. I just needed to start where I was. Put pen to paper, put fingers to keyboard, and just do the damn thing! Thank you Marie for lighting a fire under me 🔥

I was worried and focused on the wrong things that I think a lot of others get caught up with as well. I wanted to be a pro graphic designer and web editor so that my blog looked a certain way. I wanted to be using the right Instagram filters for consistency on my feed. No bueno! I do love a good design but content has been flowing out of me and I did not have an outlet to properly share. The content is what it is all about folks! Just start!

What will my content be about? Here is the breakdown:

  • Creative Lifestyle – I love to be creative. I feel the most energized when I am creating something. I also create original ideas for how my husband and I live our best married life. Rather than to be influenced by what other people are doing, I implore you to live a creative lifestyle and make your relationships, behaviors, and choices your own. I have a few blog posts up my sleeve about some things that have worked for my husband and I.
  • Travel + Experiences – When my husband and I reminisce about our favorite memories and experiences together, it often involves our travels. This was a huge motivator for the blog. I often feel the happiest and fullest when I am exploring new cities and countries. I have been to 5 out of 7 continents (Africa and Antarctica are the ones MIA). Our upcoming big move to Australia is also a major factor in wanting to create this space so that I can share our adventures.
  • Intentional Design – Oh man, I like a good design. But I LOVE an intentional design – not just throwing things together because it looks good and it’ll get likes on the ‘gram. What is the purpose behind the design? The message? Is it functional? I want to know the WHY behind the design. I have worked on designs for marketing, spaces, events, and have plans to continue expanding my design journey and I want to share that journey with you.
  • Personal Growth + Fitness – I am a self declared personal growth junkie. I want to wake up each day being a better version of myself than the day before in both my mind and body. Having the right mindset and moving your body are huge contributors. I often say that you have to take care of yourself before you can take of others.

I am excited to evolve, learn, and grow with YOU through this content! Interacting with YOU is what drives me to share my tips and tricks.

Love, recommendations, and feedback are always welcome below 👇