Expat Lifestyle Revealed in Expat Chats

Expat Lifestyle Revealed in Expat Chats
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⁠I can not wait for Sean and I to start our adventure living abroad in Melbourne, Australia. When we are living there, I am sure that I will have plenty of stories to tell from our perspective. Currently, we are awaiting our work visas and for Australia to open their borders back up – more details on my previous blog post, Raleigh to Melbourne.

In the meantime, I am excited to go ahead and start sharing stories of others and their experiences moving and living abroad in my series that I will be featuring on the blog, EXPAT CHATS!⁠

First, let me explain. What is an expat?

⁠Expat is short for Expatriate.

An expatriate is a person who lives outside their native country. In other words, they are citizens of one country who live in another country. This is what Sean and I will be while we are in Australia on a work visa.

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Here is what you can expect to see on my Expat Chat posts:

  • Interviews with people who either currently live abroad or people who have previously lived abroad
  • Interviews with people who have businesses that provide services to expats
  • ⁠Honest portrayals from a variety of perspectives and locations
  • Concerns and fears, and hopes and dreams about moving to a new home AND a new country
  • What they learned and how their lives have been enriched from living abroad
  • Photos! Of course.

Everyone has an interesting story for how they ended up living in another country. If you are considering the pros and cons of living an expat lifestyle, these interviews will give you great insight and will be helpful in making your decision. Curious, but not wanting to live an Expat lifestyle yourself? These Expat Chats will also be entertaining and are sure to inspire travel or lifestyle adjustments even if living abroad is not your cup of tea.

I am doing a little happy dance as my first Expat Chats guest and post will be released tomorrow. ⁠You are going to LOVE my guest!

Know someone who should be featured? Have any questions that you would like for an expat or a professional who works with expats to answer? Let me know!