The 6 Best Travel Bags

The 6 Best Travel Bags

Your treasured belongings deserve to be carried in bags that you just adore. Why not stock up on travel bags now so that you are ready to go wheels up when we can travel again? These are my top 6 favorite travel bags based on their durability, functionality, and appearance.

photo of the best travel bags

I love each and every one of these brands and bags. Here is my breakdown of the best travel bags:

#1. Overnight Duffle Bag | L.L. Bean Field Canvas Duffle

photo of ll bean duffle bags

The L. L. Bean Field Canvas Duffle comes in these three colors and is $119. It is classic, rugged, casual, and timeless. The canvas material is heavy and durable. I love that you can comfortably carry it over your shoulder or by your hands using the straps.

The opening is wide and it is lined with a soft, plaid, flannel lining. I love the flannel design element, it really adds to the charm of the bag! It has an interior and exterior pocket for small items.

image of the inside of duffle bag

A good duffle bag is a staple bag to have. Whether you are using it for an overnight stay or casually throughout the day, this bag is a winner.

Something to note is that this bag does not have a shoe compartment which I know that a lot of duffle bags are starting to feature. For that feature, here is a bonus duffle bag that I recommend – Herschel Supply Novel Duffle. I bought this bag as a gift for my brother and he loves it!

#2. Makeup Bag | Packed Party Essentials Vanity Kit

If you aren’t familiar with the brand, Packed Party, you are seriously missing out. All of their products are so happy and fun which is exactly the type of bag that I want to use for my makeup bag. In addition to being adorable, this bag is also functional. It has a wide opening and is clear so that you can easily see your items. For my makeup and toiletries, I always use a clear bag so that I can quickly find each item that I am looking for.

images of confetti makeup bags

The Essentials Vanity Kit comes in two confetti colors – gold and multi color and they cost $32 each. The heavy weight vinyl is easy to clean which is important for makeup products as they always leave behind residue.

This bag would also make an adorable gift for any of the ladies in your life! It’s perfect to use both at home and for travel.

#3. Expandable Travel Bag | Longchamp Le Pliage Travel Bag

photo of Longchamp bag
Photo by Shannon White Photography

If you like Longchamp purses, then you will LOVE this bag! Shown here slung over Sean’s shoulder, is the Longchamp Le Pliage Travel Bag. This bag will set you back $255, however, it is one of my favorite purchases ever. In addition to being nostalgic (we bought it from the Longchamp store in Paris during our honeymoon), I love the design and versatility of this bag.

It is incredibly lightweight and can be folded down for storage purposes and then opened up to either a medium or large sized bag to use. When traveling, this makes a great carry on bag that you can then fold and store in your suitcase when you have arrived at your destination. For our recent trip to Melbourne, Australia, for one night we stayed in an airstream so instead of hauling all of our luggage with us, we just packed this bag and a backpack for our overnight stay.

image of longchamp bag
Pictured here in navy, red, and gunmetal

It comes in five great colors – black, navy, gun metal, red, and khaki and they all have the leather details. In addition to being lightweight, the fabric is durable and high quality. A must have!

#4. Hanging Toiletry Bag | Scout Beauty Burrito

image of scout beauty burrito

I love all things Scout and the fact that this bag is called a “Beauty Burrito” makes me so dang happy. It runs $40 and is worth every penny. A hanging toiletry bag is a game changer for traveling. One of the first things that I do when I unpack my luggage at a hotel is to hang my toiletry bag in the bathroom. I love the clear pockets and the large pocket on this particular hanging toiletry bag. For storage, it rolls right up into a little burrito. Get it?!

image of pattern options

Scout changes their prints often but it is currently available in these nine prints. They have both colorful and classic black and white prints so there is a great option for everyone.

#5. Backpack | Herschel Supply Little America Mid-Volume

image of his and hers backpacks

My love for these Herschel Supply Little America Mid-Volume Backpacks runs deep. They typically run $99.99 but you can often find them on sale or at least particular colors (they currently have fifty-two different types!) on sale.

Just like the L.L. Bean Duffle Bag, the style is classic, rugged, casual, and timeless. They are comfortable to wear and are perfect for everyday use or for travel (we use ours for both). I had originally bought the gray backpack for myself and then when I got the yellow backpack, the gray backpack became Sean’s. My Herschel backpack had worn much better than his original Fossil backpack had.

Inside, it has a padded, fleece lined laptop sleeve that I frequently use. The magnetic snaps are a bit tedious to clip together sometimes but it is not anything that would deter me from purchasing them again.

visual of what items the backpack can hold

Here is a great visual of what the Mid Volume size can hold. They have a larger backpack but the Mid Volume is the perfect size for both of us. I am 5’6 and he is 5’10 and it fits both of our frames well.

#6. Luggage | Away Suitcases

Suitcases totally count, they are essentially bags on wheels! Away brand is stellar. In my collection, I currently have The Bigger Carry-On, The Large, and The Mini all in hardside.

Why get a regular carry-on when you could get The Bigger Carry-On?! Starting at $245, it may sound expensive but these suitcases are built to last for life. The best part is that it comes with an ejectable battery so that you can charge your phone and electronics without being stuck by a wall with an outlet at the airport.

image of the bigger carry on

The Large is Away’s biggest suitcase and is perfect to check for long trips. It starts at $295.

These suitcases include a laundry bag for your dirty clothes, an interior compression system, and a TSA-approved combination lock. The 360 degree wheels are agile so that you can navigate through the airport with ease.

image of the large suitcase

I can barely fit my arms around The Large so you know it’s a great bag to check that will fit a lot of stuff (including those extra few pairs of shoes that you threw in to match your outfits!)!

image of mollyann hugging the large suitcase

It’s a fact that everything is cuter in mini versions. The Mini is $45 and is such a fun addition to the set. We use this case to hold our chargers and outlet converters.

images of the mini suitcase

There you have it – the best travel bags! Which bag is your favorite? Fingers crossed that we will be able to travel again soon!