Spicy Pimm’s Cup Recipe

Spicy Pimm’s Cup Recipe

Spicy Pimm’s Cup Recipe

Make an Easy, Spicy Pimm’s Cup at Home

 As a British spirit, it is only fitting that my first time trying Pimm’s No. 1 was while traveling in London, England. Ever since, a Pimm’s Cup has been one of my go to cocktails. Often, you will see recipes with fruit added – strawberries, oranges, and lemons. However, I prefer a spicy version sans the fruit. It is still very refreshing!

Here are the ingredients that you will need:

I have found that Blenheim Hot Ginger Ale (the one with the bright pink cap) is my favorite hot ginger ale to use. It is bottled in South Carolina so if you are unable to find it, another hot or strong ginger ale substitute is suitable.

Here are the steps to make it one glass at a time:

Step 1    

Fill your desired glass with ice.

Step 2

Slice up a cucumber. Put two – four cucumber wedges and a couple of leaves of mint into the glass.

Step 3

Pour one part Pimm’s No. 1 to three parts gingle ale into the glass.

Add a straw (optional) and TA DAA! It’s that simple. Enjoy!