2nd Anniversary Photoshoot + Vow Renewal in Austin, TX

2nd Anniversary Photoshoot + Vow Renewal in Austin, TX

For our 2nd anniversary, Sean and I traveled to Austin, TX and had our photoshoot and vow renewal at our picturesque AirBnb.

I’m working backwards as my previous post was our 3rd Anniversary Photoshoot + Vow Renewal in Charlotte, NC. You’ll notice that in the photos in this post, Sean and I look much younger and less beaten down by the doom and gloom of 2020 – just kidding!

Austin, TX

Sean is my biggest love but my next biggest love might be my love for the city of Austin, TX. When just planning our anniversary trip to Austin, I was already falling head over heels for the activities, vibes, and food in Austin. When we arrived for our vacation, those feelings were confirmed. Austin is a badass city! I can see why so many people are moving there everyday.

The Pros

When searching for a photographer, I knew that I was looking for someone who had a vibrant and quirky style for this shoot. I searched Austin photographer hashtags and looked at what photographers wedding vendors had tagged in their photos on Instagram. I actually had to search for a while and then finally came across Bonnie & Lauren. Bonnie was available and was so excited to capture our vow renewal tradition! After Bonnie was secured, I asked her who she recommends for hair and makeup. She suggested Lavish Beauty ATX and Jen was available to glam me up for the shoot. Done and done!

photo in airbnb in austin,tx
All photos by Bonnie Burke

For our trip to Austin, Sean and I booked this awesome AirBnb and we knew that it would also be the perfect location for our shoot! Visiting Austin and need a place to stay? I highly recommend it! We hope that we can stay there again someday.

photo of couple on a bright blue couch
photo of couple on a bright blue couch
photo of couple on a bright blue couch

It had the most photo-worthy furniture which we definitely utilized throughout the shoot!

photo of the couple laughing on the bed

And a bedroom with striped walls that I couldn’t get enough of!

photo of couple on the bed
photo of couple on the bed
photo of couple kissing on the bed

Holding hands and kissing on the bed felt super intimate yet relaxed. If you have an adorable bedroom setup in your home, why not shoot there?

photo of couple outside with coffee

Time for an outfit change (and to actually put on shoes)! When we moved outside to the pool area, we had to grab some lifestyle shots doing one of our favorite things – drinking coffee!

photo of couple standing
close up photo of couple standing

We moved to the other side of the pool for a greenery backdrop and for our first standing photos of the day!

photo of couple in front of greenery in austin tx
headshot of Sean
headshot of Mollyann

Ready for your closeup? Why not grab some individual headshots during a couple’s photoshoot! It always comes in handy to have a recent headshot on hand.

photo of vow renewal in the breezeway

When it came time for our vow renewal, we chose to read our vows in the breezeway. It was a very picturesque and shaded spot!

Handwritten vows are so precious!

photo of reading vows
photo of vow renewal kiss
photo of couple with vow books

Always sealed with a kiss afterwards just like the wedding day.

photo of couple swimming in the pool

After we finished shooting in our two planned outfits, Bonnie, Sean, and I all realized how cool it would be to also shoot in the pool. I mean, it was our favorite part of the Air Bnb and it was the perfect place to escape from that intense Texas heat! Sean and I quickly changed into our bathing suits and got some bonus pool shots!

photo of couple standing on the pool steps
photo of couple in the pool
photo of couple in the pool

I’m so glad that we jumped in and just went for it – these turned out to be some of my favorite shots of the day!

close up photo in the pool
close up photo in the pool
photo of kissing in the pool

I love all of the variety and different outfits in this shoot! It’s like a lot of mini shoots all wrapped into one. We really had a blast and I’m impressed that we managed to pull off three outfits in an hour! If you want to do the same, have all of your outfits planned out and accessories set aside and organized for a quick change. There’s no time to be rifling through your closet when you are paying your photographer by the hour. Plus, it will leave you feeling flustered and that’s not a good look in photos.


Red has always been one of my favorite flattering colors to wear but it is a pretty bold color. I like how the floral print and Sean’s light blue chambray shirt toned it down a bit for these photos.

2019 was really the year that I realized how much happiness the color yellow brings to your life. I felt like the turquoise earrings, yellow midi dress, and the print on Sean’s shirt all felt very “Texas” without wearing cowboy boots and all.


Bonnie seriously blew me away. She is so… rad! She did not hesitate to do whatever it took to get the shot. Whether that was moving furniture or moving around us to get the perfect angle, she did it without hesitation. Also, she delivered some highlight photos the same day as the shoot and delivered the whole album two days later. See, I told you that she is rad!

Photo of Bonnie by Diana Ascarrunz

Bad news, Bonnie & Lauren is no more. But good news, they have both gone solo and Bonnie has launched Bonnie Burke Weddings! She’s seriously the bomb.

Jen with Lavish Beauty ATX made me feel gorgeous! She was very professional and was delightful to talk to while she was dolling me up. Since this shoot, when makeup artists have asked me to show them photos of how I would like my makeup done, I show them photos of Jen’s handiwork on my face. I loved everything about it! I feel like I look like myself, but the best version of myself.

Next up, is our 1st Anniversary Photoshoot + Vow Renewal in Seattle, WA that started it all!