8 Creative Ideas for a Wedding Invitation Suite

8 Creative Ideas for a Wedding Invitation Suite

Some people believe that their wedding invitation is just going to be thrown away so they do not put much time and effort into designing their stationery. This notion breaks my heart! I treasure paper pretties and your wedding invitation suite is the first impression that your guests get to experience of your upcoming wedding day. I love when the invitation matches the style and design of the wedding decor so that it serves as a sneak peek for your wedding that starts to get your guests excited to see more. You should treasure your wedding stationery as a part of your wedding design and as a representation of your best day ever.

Wedding Invitation Suite Ideas

When working with Alison of One + Only Paper on the design for my own wedding invitation suite, it was really important for her to incorporate marble, watercolor florals, metallic copper, and geometric details as all of those elements were a part of my wedding design. We sat down and discussed the vision and she came back to me with this amazing collection that I truly cherish.

I’m going to break down several ideas inspired by my wedding invitation suite in hopes that it will inspire you to intentionally design your own with personal touches and handmade details that best represent you and your partner and your wedding vision. You’ll find that the stationery even serves somewhat as “branding” for the wedding and that the details can be used throughout your wedding day as well.

My suite took a lot of prep and assembly so I treated some friends to pizza and had several hands help me put it all together!

photo of wedding invitation suite
Design by One + Only Paper, All photos by Mikkel Paige

#1. DIY Hand Painted Elements

hand painted envelope liner
asymmetric card

We used a metallic copper paint and hand painted the envelope liner as well as a paint stroke on The Details card. The paint stroke reminds me of Simba in the Lion King! Now you can’t unsee it, right?

Hand painting is such a precious touch because it makes it so that no two invitations are the same.

#2. Include Asymmetric Cut Outs

For The Details card, we also cut off one of the corners to play into the geometric elements in a creative way. This asymmetric feature added a simple, impactful detail!

#3. Wrap the Suite in a Translucent Vellum Jacket

translucent marble vellum jacket

Adding translucent or transparent details makes a wedding suite feel modern. I loved the addition of this translucent marble vellum jacket to hold the pieces of the invitation layered together.

ceremony flower petals

I also used the leftover vellum to create cones to hold the flower petals that guests threw at the end of the ceremony. It was really easy! I just rolled them into a cone shape and used double sided tape to secure them.

#4. Create a Wedding Logo

wedding program
white wax seal
wedding cocktail napkins

I adore when people create a wedding logo or monogram for their wedding. You can use it throughout your wedding in several ways. For ours, we used our wedding logo on our programs, on our wax seal, and on our cocktail napkins.

Who doesn’t love a wax seal? When choosing a wax color, I loved that we went with white! It was so crisp, modern, and clean and really brought the entire suite together.

#5. Use Thread as a Belly Band

Rather than a traditional paper belly band, we used copper metallic thread. We wrapped the thread around the suite several times and secured it with the wax seal.

#6. Print White Text on a Dark Card

wedding invitation

Traditionally, wedding invitations are white so I loved that ours were dark gray with white text, especially since my favorite color is also gray!

#7. Include your Rehearsal Dinner Invitation in your Wedding Suite

rehearsal dinner invitation

It was really important to me that the Rehearsal Dinner Invitation was also designed along with the wedding invitation suite. It was sent together to those who were invited rather than sent separately.

#8. Use a RSVP Postcard

Rather than sending a small envelope with an RSVP card, our RSVP cards were postcards. I loved how this turned out! This meant that we did not have to purchase additional envelopes and could use postcard stamps, an easy design that also saved money.

wedding RSVP postcard

There you have it! Your wedding invitation suite is a keepsake that you will always have to remember your wedding day. You can keep it in a scrapbook or arrange it in a unique way to display. I ended up arranging a copy of mine in a frame to hang on the wall of my office.

I could not have brought this vision to life without Alison’s hard work and expertise! One + Only Paper no longer designs wedding invitation suites however, she is a painter, illustrator, and designer and has many lovely art collections and prints available for sale in her online shop. I recommend following her on Instagram @oneandonlypaper and signing up for her email list to be the first to know about her new artwork.

Which idea is your favorite? Comment and let me know!